Collage by El Sí de Marieta



The South of France has a special place in our hearts. The amazing beaches with cliffs full of photogenic umbrellas, the smell of lavender fields, the good food, the vibe of beautiful Marseille.It spells luxury surrounded by nature for us. If you mix this cocktail with Jacquemus designs, Le Corbusier as a backdrop and a slight Slim Aaron vibe, we are definitely happy.






The couple shoot give us a chance to break the ice with you, to get how you come out better on camera, and it give us treasure time to get to know you better before the big day. We always try to find together The Spot for this shoot, as we mainly will have so much fun together, and this Parisian couple spoke Le Corbusier all over. We pushed to the top of this amazing building to continue to shoot our way down, and it was just incredible. The most stylish duo made one of our dreams come true. And you know how much we love architecture right? If you do too, we hope you enjoy this very much.













The Wedding day was in a beautiful french Chateau, surrounded by vineyards and lots of sun. The bride design her own Wedding dress, and the shoes of course, were Jacquemus. Their puppy was there for the hole party as one more guest, and they drove an old car to the ceremony spot. Champagne towers to close the day and a wild party, like never seen.