A stunning Wedding in the amazing landscape of Tuscany in the sweet summer month of July held in the house of Sting, former singer of The Police full of Italian details and food, and best dresses guests. What else can we ask? Oh, yes, a fairytale love with the sweetest and warmed heart couple, being the bride one of the most incredible voices on the planet, Leona Lewis. Yes, this Wedding will always live in our hearts.

When we used to live in London, X Factor was the program for us to watch and remember every stage of Leona Lewis in it, every concert, every week and the last show that was so epic, so imagine our big smiles when she called us to be their Wedding Photographers, we felt so honor. Leona and Dennis met while being on one of her concert tours. He was one of the dancers, and one day Leona almost fell in stage, but luckily Dennis caught her on time in his arms. Everything about them is special, the way the look at each other, the way they challenge and respect one another. The minute we met them, we could not wait to capture their amazing day.

On the day before the Wedding, they organized an Italian Market with all the guests that came from all over the world. They had cocktails, appetizers and pizzas surrounded by vineyards at the evening, while the chefs prepared in front of them the amazing pasta all of the party would eat afterwards. For dinner set up was 4 long wooden tables under the stars, with lots of wine and even an homemade ice-cream track, the best gelato we have ever tried. Welcome to the Italian Market!

Leona Lewis & Dennis Jauch

Their Tuscany Wedding


The venue Leona and Dennis chose was so ideal. The gardens where full of statues that mixed with nature, a big fountain that used to be from Sophia Loren, and the interior of the main house was covered in art, including frescos in some of the walls. All the food served was Vegetarian and Vegan as the couple, just like us, had this kind of diet. The vegetables and fruits came right from the land of the venue.
They did the getting ready in separate houses with their closest friends and family before the ceremony. Even thought it rained they entire day, they were opposite to upset, just caring for the important part the of the day which is celebrating their love with all the people they cherish together in one place. The ceremony had to be moved inside, but was more special even as all the guests were chanting and laughing and crying together, surrounded by the most beautiful buddhist paintings. After reading their vows, a friend of the couple, Jermain, sang for them.
The dinner was in Sting's recording studio, with a crazy beautiful decoration and tables full of flowers by amazing Dario Benvenuti. All of the speeches done in the Dinner were touching and hilarious and was a gift to get to know Leona and Dennis a little bit more through them. Then, the Bride and groom moved to the courtyard, where they put the finishing touches to their wedding cake before cutting it, helping Sicilian chef Marco Failla create a millefeuille extravaganza that was deliciously photogenic.
There was a show of Fireworks in the Courtyard, just before getting to the dance floor, where amazing Dennis, a former hip-hop world champion and winner of the German version of reality show So You Think You Can Dance, and his friends had prepared a surprise dance for Leona.

We feel so grateful to have had this opportunity, to be able to meet two of the best human beings we know, and all of their family and friends who are just as amazing as them. Thank you to Cobbie Yates, an incredible stylist, for taking so much care of us during the hole weekend, we cherish you so much, thank you Maloy and Kim for helping us with the staging of the glam group photos, and could not be more grateful for the help and love of Nicola and Elisabeth, our right hand all the way. Leona and Dennis, we wish you and your animal family all the love in the world.



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