It was love a first sight. The idea of a Wedding celebration that was around Bettina and Carlos mind just made us feel in love with them. It will be a mix between fashion, love and their dear Cape town, with a chill vibe among one of the most interesting group of people we have encountered. “Sold!” we said to the phone while having our first chat with them. And in a blink of an eye, we were in this incredible city of South Africa, surrounded by this amazing nature and wild animals, and a mountain with a permanent cascade of clouds falling that framed this buzzing modern streets full of cool cafes and people from every point in the world. You can tell that we love, love, love travelling, don’t you? They did a 5 day celebration, organized by the amazing Anne from @annemanncelebrates, to show all the guests the best places around Cape Town. One of the key days was the day before the Wedding, with the Picnic held on Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden, which helds the studio of this amazing artist full of sculptures and white around, and a large landscape with the most photogenic scenery we had seen. We started the day with a shoot with all the bridesmaids in the field with one of Dylan’s Sculpture behind and all wearing strong colour dresses design by Bettina herself. It was just like a painting to us. Take a peak on this wonderful day full of picnic vibes, criquet, light umbrellas, ceramics and lots of fun.


Us, as visual artists, are in love with beautiful and of course, photogenic moments. So it was a prize to our eyes when everything, absolutely every moment of this Wedding Day in Cape Town was photogenic. From the place were Betttina and Carlos got ready, the gathering of Bettina with the girls to read a letter from Carlos, the cocktail area, the scenery around the ceremony and of course the dinner set up and the party. We feel so inspire when every moment of the day and wherever we shoot (as it happens when we catch spontaneous moments) is photogenic. And the result of our work is far better.
Bettina is a Stylist and Personal Shopper based in London, and her style is something out of the ordinary. That so, that her wedding dress went around the globe because it was so so special. All we can imagine and more.
We feel so lucky to have photographed this amazing couple’s Day. Their love, that is so unique, always supporting each other, taking care and talking to each other with the greatest love, has teach us so much already. All their love spreads to all the family and friends who gathered together from all over the World and were truly wonderful to us though the week. Thank you Bettina and Carlos for such a gift. We love you.









A couple shoot with Bettina and Carlos riding horses on the wind in the largest white beach we have seen all for ourselves, a photogenic Chinchilla Rooftop party, a sunset beach lunge with the closest friends and a Recovery Day in the craziest house ever with Dj Floyd Lavine. This is what happened around the Wedding Day, swipe to the side to have a look!