The name of our company is what attracts the most attention. It describes us perfectly because we are pure laughter and joy. And at the same time, we are romantics to the limit. We have been together more than 11 years as a couple, one of those movie love crush, that moment in which you know him/her and, bam! you have no more choice but to fall in love. Within the first 5 months we were living together because we missed each other that much. Today we live in Barcelona and we do weddings all over the world. We have our camper van to travel in a very simple way with our dog Chancho.

The Wedding Photography fits so much into our life that sometimes we have to stop to realize that it is true, that our work is a mixture of the things that we love most: fashion, decoration, nature, travel, good vibes and love, lots of love. We want you to look at your wedding photos and get all the emotion that happened that day. There will be lots of it, because so many things happen in that day, and it happens so fast. Our job is to be able to save all those moments on paper so that when memory fails us a little bit, we can go back to the moment when we see the photos. We want to capture you just as you guys are every day, when you are being foolish at home, when you are more romantic or when you are more natural. We like simple brides and grooms, without fear of adventure, with loose hair and if it is barefoot better. Enjoy an important day without worry or stress. Only celebrating love and party. And of it rains, you dance.